What We Do

Dior Santos specializes in media and community outreach to the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America. Our diverse ethnic backgrounds give us the sensibility and the insights to really understand and connect with the Hispanic consumer. Dior Santos excels in:

  • Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Sports Marketing
  • Market Research/Consumer Insight
  • Philanthropic Development
  • Special Events, Promotions and Sponsorships
  • Translation and Interpretation Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media

Why Should You Consider a Virtual Agency?

The beauty of not being a traditional PR agency is that we are fast, flexible and customize our team depending entirely on your branding/marketing needs. This gives you:

  • Low overhead, means keeping your costs down
  • Hand-selected senior-level team for your project
  • We grow or shrink to meet your needs
  • We work on a "project basis"